Promoting the profession of arboriculture and urban forestry through scholarship, financial support, and historical preservation.

‘DJ’ Kurkowski Memorial Scholarship

The Arboriculture Society of Michigan Foundation is a community-wide collaborative established in 2015. Our mission is to promote the profession of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry through scholarship, financial support and historical preservation.

Our Goals

Advance the profession of arboriculture by raising money by and through direct marketing to over 400+ current ISA Michigan members, soliciting known industry professionals, and hosting annual fundraising events, both public and private.

Promote the study of arboriculture by awarding grants for education and school field trips as well as administer scholarships; host seminars and presentations; offer interpretative hands-on opportunities at the saw mill site; motive young minds by exposing them to the opportunities and benefits that a career in arboriculture provides.

Foster the history of arboriculture by preserving the past through interpretative displays and activities at various arboriculture and urban forestry events as well as collect and display books, photos, tools, machinery and related items to demonstrate the evolution of the arboriculture industry.

Educate the public in professional arboricultural practices through seminars, presentations, field trips, newsletters; social media; hosted public and private events and open houses.